Thursday, March 31, 2011


At the beginning of March, Heather set up a hoop art swap. I really need to push myself outside of my limits and try new things. So I signed up. I am soOO excited about the hoop art I sent to Sallie, my swap partner.

It was my first hoop art and maybe I have found something new to add to my shop? Just maybe. It falls under the umbrella of [fabric] and [paper].

I can't wait until Sallie receives her hoop art. She doesn't have a blog yet; I can't wait until she does!! So I may post a photo of what I sent her because I am so excited!!

Have you ever done hoop art before?

Check out my Pinterest button up there ------^ and I have a board entitled "hoop art." I got some inspiration from there.

Happy Thursday!

Skipping out the blog to church I go...

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