Monday, November 30, 2009

endless gifts {138-155}

holy experience

138. family
139. Ann her blog....I am continually challenged...anyone else read her?
140. joy
141. health
142. happiness
143. people who make me smile
144. a favorite book
145. daily needs always met
146. my daily bread
147. my godly heritage {I'll have to tell my family history sometime.}
148. the Christmas season
149. smell of a fresh Christmas tree
150. my youngest brother
151. a reminder of the need for His strength {I always need to be reminded!}
152. crafting blogs that I stumble upon
153. a day out in the country
154. seeing other peers who are sold-out, serving, faithful, and committed....awesome!
155. I'm grateful to be blessed!

Monday, November 23, 2009

endless gifts {127-137}

holy experience

127. that my Mom wasn't able to get the H1N1 from her onc. doc right away because she isn't high risk anymore!
128. our family's H1N1, other flu strains, or nasty colds
129. a Sunday school lesson on thankfulness
130. being able to serve in my church
131. patience
132. steadfast members in my church that I look up to
133. anticipation of a {short, day} trip on Tuesday
134. provision for my needs
135. gorgeous, November weather
136. forgiveness
137. redemption

Monday, November 16, 2009

counting my endless gifts {119-126}

holy experience

119. finding extra contacts that I thought I had misplaced
120. straight corners of a cornfield
{This may seem funny but think about it...God has created everything with order, nothing is abstract. I don't think Christians should appreciate abstract art. I was driving out in the country this week and noticed this particular cornfield and the rows were so straight. It struck me as beautiful.}
121. being able to help buy a food basket for our church's food fundraiser
{This is one of the reasons I was so blessed on Friday.  Anytime you're down & out, do something for someone else.  I guarantee your attitude will change.  I wasn't down & out on Friday but I had so much fun purchasing a basket for the teen's food fundraiser this week.  It was an absolute blast!}
122. God's provision
123. deals and coupons on necessities
124. awesome opportunities
125. God always takes care of me!
{The less money I make, the more I see God provide.  The more I give up, the more He provides.  Every.single.time.!  Awesome!}
126. correction and conviction from the Word of God

Monday, November 9, 2009

counting my endless gifts {109-118)

holy experience

109. a few days off work

110. fun with friends

111. a warm weekend

112. {once again} cello lessons...this week she took me 15 minutes over my lesson!

113. getting to help with the youth conference at church {even though it's just a little bit}

114. my favorite kids who ride the bus were able to come Sunday...they've been sporadic throughout the fall because of football

115. my brother is home from Africa

116. friendliness and comradeship between single girls

117. finding a Renaissance outfit at 75% off

118. being able to fix the outfit without sewing or buying anything extra
{So this is typical solution when I want to fix something is to throw $$ at the problem. I had to buy a cape to go over the Renaissance dress and the cape seemed too long and black and the dress needed a sash. I had planned to run to the fabric store and pick up a few things which ='s money. This morning, my Mom and I cut off the desired amount of fabric which made the cape not so long; it didn't need to be hemmed because of the type of material. The extra material will be used for a sash. Thus, reinforcing what I'm trying to improve on....frugality.}

Monday, November 2, 2009

...continuing to count my endless gifts

holy experience

97. sunshine after not having it for days

98. no debt

99. gas that is still under $3 per gallon

100. lovely-smelling candle burning

101. remembering God's Word {fruit from my memorization cards...yippee!}

102. smell of fabric softener on clean clothes

103. courage to make the right choice

104. my five sense: touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste

105. {almost} making it within my weekly cash budget - my new experiment

106. my awesome family

107. making my Dad laugh {post on that later} {before you think I am implying that my Dad never laughs, let me explain. I was talking about my wedding day - if I ever get one - and a comment I said literally made my Dad....really....laugh. It was hilario!!}

108. compliment from a kid {let me explain: I was bringing a little boy and his sister to church on Sunday and I had a DD coffee in the cupholder. They thought I had bought donuts, too, but I told them...nope, just coffee!! He said {so cutely}, "Miss Becca, if you had donuts, I know you would share them with us." My reply, "Of course, I would, Cody." His reply, "You would be a good mom." Awwwww.....melt!! :)