Tuesday, April 17, 2012


1. sipping a green smoothie
2. super happy that when I go to bed tonight, it'll be hump day tomorrow [halfway done with the week!!!]
3. ready to plant more flowers [4th planting of the season for me]
4.  mulling what I read in Keep a Quiet Heart tonight -- so thankful for the way the Heavenly Father has been  molding me over the past few years
5.  a bit sheepish that I made an "emergency" dermatologist appointment only to find out that I have.....what?!!!...poison ivy -- and I barely itch
6.  rehashing the chat fest with my cello teacher
7.  considering paying my taxes quarterly for 2012 so I don't get walloped with a tax bill like I did today -- helllllllo
8.  loving the fact that I love to send mail to people -- you know, as in licking the envelopes and putting a stamp on the card....
9.  loving the fact that I love baby Hazel [our friends' baby] -- cannot get enough of that baby girl
10.  a little embarrassed that I haven't been blogging or photographing much of life lately -- but so grateful that I have a life to live


Thursday, April 12, 2012

::I couldn't stop smiling::

Well, sweet friends. This is why I have been absent this week.  My Mom and I hosted a baby shower for our friend, Carol and baby Hazel.

The shower was simply a joy to plan and put together.  All of the shopping was done the week [or two] before this week.  We spread out all the preparations over three days.  Actually, Wednesday was the least stressful of the three days.


We both decided that we wanted the shower menu to be simple....well, as simple as possible when you pass out 120+ invitations.  Soda pop was definitely not on the menu.  My Mom found this big glass canister for $15.  It held Mint Tea Punch.  We also served a yummy punch and had another beautiful glass drink dispenser filled with ice water + lemons + lime.

We did have non-sugary food but who cares about that, right?!!

Desserts included chocolate chip, lemon icebox, and chocolate mocha cookies, strawberry cupcakes and a pile of gummy bears and chocolate covered peanuts.

About 75 ladies from our church came and Carol was showered with gifts.  Carol and her husband, Adam, are missionaries to Zambia.  First, they started out several years ago as interim missionaries to Mongolia.  While there, God laid Zambia on their hearts.  After a short furlough in the U.S., they headed to Zambia to once again fill in for missionaries for another 12+ months.  God has called them to Zambia to lead the church there.  They returned to the U.S. in September to raise the rest of their support and fly back to Kabwe in just a few short months.  Carol and Adam are a blessing because of their dedication and contentment in the Lord.  I really could write a book about them but if you know them, you love them.  :)