Monday, August 31, 2009


holy experience

42. mercy

43. strength

44. renewal

45. conviction

46. God's Word

47. sermons

Can you tell I've been struggling this week? Uh...huh. I'm gettin' through it, I's just takin' a lot of work.

Monday, August 24, 2009


holy experience

33. new website that made me smile
34. green lights when I'm in a hurry
35. a healthy eye exam report
36. free samples of contact solution
37. safety while traveling
38. safety from the tornado
39. safety while I stayed home by myself without electricity
40. a new job
41. mom and dad are home!

Monday, August 17, 2009

from my gratitude journal

holy experience

25. fresh, fragrant oregano from the garden
26. a website that answers questions regarding frugality
27. getting a lot accomplished in one day
28. my grandparents' health
29. a chatty email from my Mom while my parents are on vacation
30. a new CD
31. tomatoes from our garden minus the dreaded "blight" (for now!)
32. Saturday was a very rough day but I was so thankful for #1 an errand in the country, #2 an open road, #3 an open sun roof, and #4 a new CD

Monday, August 10, 2009

from my gratitude journal

holy experience

15. gracious people who took me to a Sox game
16. gas less than $3 a gallon
17. incredible strength and inner peace when needed most
18. a new cleaning job
19. fun with a friend
20. not losing my key in the grocery store
21. a friendly hello
22. an unexpected email from my cousin!
23. my grandma's joy on her birthday
24. talking with a friend after church and being encouraged

I know these little gratitude entries may seem so ambigous to you. Some of them have stories behind them (#17, #19, #20....) One of my friends is moving to CA to teach in a Christian school. I'm going to miss her....she gave me one of her cleaning jobs and I worked with her on Friday. We had such a great time together. Sweet memories.

Monday, August 3, 2009

gratitude journal

holy experience

1. breakfast
2. sunshine
3. money in my account for upcoming bills
4. new mercies
5. a fresh cucumber from our garden
6. patience to hang my pictures
7. long talks with Mom
8. uplifting music before work
9. an outing with friends
10. Mom's 53rd birthday
11. needed conviction
12. laughing hysterically with my brother
13. strength to get up early
14. playing my cello

Each Monday, I'll be listing from my "gratitude journal". I'll have to post a pic of the actual journal - too cute! I really need to be more grateful and look at the little blessings in each day.