Monday, June 21, 2010

endless gifts {296-309}

holy experience

296. reminiscing
297. readily given forgiveness
298. a really great Italian beef sandwich when I'm really hungry {I mean really hungry}
299. once again, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE people that I work for--truly a BLESSING from the Lord
300. a new afternoon nanny job
301. people who believe in me enough to recommend me
302. straight rows of a newly planted garden
303. old friends
304. friends leaving for the mission field {they will be missed}
305. provision every.SINGLE.week--thank you, Lord!!
306. a really bad Sunday in Jr. Church--reminds me that it's not ME who needs to do the work but the Holy Spirit
307. {repeat...but....once again} incredibly convicting sermons in church
308. a put-together house {after months of remodeling, this is definitely a blessing}
309. five chapters a day

Monday, June 7, 2010

endless gifts {276-295}

holy experience

276. awesome, awesome sermons in church
277. the ability to serve at our church through work party
278. generous, generous people that I work for {even though they're unsaved}
279. canvassing {giving out the Gospel} for our church
280. old friends
281. the encouragement of seeing sisters all serving the Lord in different places
282. yummy cake
283. laughs, food, and fellowship with the "singles"
284. knocking on the windows and screaming out the bus window in the morning, "Miss Becca!"
285. singing from the heart
286. chairs on the porch
287. a perfect, sunshining day
288. sweet tea, flavored with mint, cool with no ice
289. the living, breathing WORD of GOD
290. growing in grace {it takes time!}
291. "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts," Colossians 3:15
292. comradeship and understanding of my family
293. {a short, little} ROAD TRIP
294. the smell of rain
295. the conviction of the Holy Spirit {it's scary when there's no conviction}