Wednesday, August 31, 2011

::new mail service::

I have a new email delivery service.

And, I need your help.

If you'd like to receive newsletters about the Cotton+Wood shop, please enter your email address below.

If you previously received a newsletter from my shop, you must re-enter your email address.  This is an opt-in email newsletter!  You must sign up for the newsletter yourself.

ALSO, I do believe that Kim still has the giveaway up for $25 to my shop + goodies from two other shops.  Go -------> and enter!

It's church for me tonight and I'm excited!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I am a very visual person.  I like to see things.  Bookmarking websites and ideas has worked okay for me.  I also star a lot of blog posts in my Google Reader.  However, lists of websites becomes overwhelming to me and I find I do not use the ideas saved.

Pinterest is a fantastic website.  I've had boards there for a while but I actually have to make time to pin things to boards.  I'm definitely not a fanatic pinner and I do not spend hours and hours pinning.

Recently, I have been cleaning out the starred blog posts from my Google Reader that have accumulated over the summer.

Here is a sampling:

It's fun to see my "style" develop through different pictures I pin.

Obviously, I have a board for fabrics that I love.

I even started a board for different articles I read that would be helpful in running a blog and indie biz.

And my favorite board is.....all the interesting things I want to make/sew/organize from around the blog world are all culminated here:

So, if you would like an invite to Pinterest, please let me know!! I'd love to send you one.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

::go enter my giveaway::

yellow songbird

I'm participating in a group sponsor giveaway/highlight on Kim's blog, Yellow Songbird.

If you win, you'll get $25 to spend in my shop.  That's about 3 yards of fabric or 3 pretty pins or 2 pillow covers.  Maybe I'll even have time to add a bag or wristlet to my shop soon.  Wooooo!!

If you win the giveaway, you'll also receive a pretty, pretty necklace by Twillypop and a rosette necklace from Splendor.

So....go check it!

And...psssssst....there's a discount code over there.  So hop on over!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

endless gifts {576-585}

Unless we are intentional about giving God glory throughout the day, our days unintentionally give way to grumbling. --Ann Voskamp

And I must admit, I've succumbed to grumbling lately.  Even "nice" grumbling [off-hand comments about situations]...but it eats away at the soul. I need to be more intentional, more grateful.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  The Lord continually blessed me with beauty and opened my eyes to see it.

576. a picture perfect Sunday
577. blue, blue sky with white puffy clouds
578. beautiful pink flowers woven into the edges of a cornfield [never seen this before and it caught my eye]
579. Sunday afternoon drive alllllllllllll the way home by myself -- time to reflect and praise God
580. heart-warming, encouraging music ---mmmmmmm!
581. a simple comment that was an encouragement
582. diverse friends -- all personality types, all Christians with a heartfelt desire to honor and obey the Lord
583. my online friends -- you know who you are :) -- promises of prayer for each other and encouragement with lots of laughter [via Skype] thrown in for good measure!
584. hymns and spiritual songs in the church service
585. the tender lovingkindness of my Heavenly Father towards me -- He loves me and He sure does know how to encourage me at just the right moment.  Isn't that so like Him?!!

HAPPY MONDAY, almost Tuesday.

Friday, August 12, 2011

::a day with myself::

..that could also read, "A Date with Myself." [cheesy, but true.]

So, YES, I had the day to myself.  Starting last night after church until later this evening, my plans were my own.

Ooooooooh, the plans I had made.

They included but were not limited to:

[1] sleeping in ----- >> pathetic when "sleeping in" is sleeping until 7:15 but yes, I did.
[2] watering flowers ----- >> my middle name is "watering can" in the summer....I tease but serious, big <3 there
[3] blog post and listing some important things in the shop ----- >> CHECK IT!
[4] finished my first wristlet ----- >> first one I've made since my class in June; more wristlets in the shop SOON!

[5] cleaning the house ----- >> always makes me a happy girl to scrub a few floors
[6] finding this in my mailbox, compliments of a giveaway I won ----- >> go visit her shop

[7] a free burger for dinner ----- >> that was possibly undercooked but very delicious
[8] of my favorite movies ----- >> gotta love high school football

.I. .am. .ready. for the weekend.
Bring it.  :)

[sorry for the pathetic photos -- not even Picnik could help me tonight.]

::It's here::

My big fabric order is here!

Everything is listed in my shop with nice pictures....nicer than the one above, at least.

Go here to see the four different collections.

As you can see in the above picture, two collections have two different colors each and two collections have three colors each.

This is a small order compared to some I'm sure but it's a start and I am .so. .excited.!!

Happy Friday.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

endless gifts {561-575}'s been a while since I've posted a Multitude Monday.  [deep breath....Here it goes.]

561. my family [duh -- they're awesome]
562. my friends [duh-- they're hilarious and just plain fun to be around]
563. learning life's lessons the hard way
564. flowers, flowers, flowers and the opportunity to help out at my church
565. ministries at my church
566. anticipation [!!!!!!]
567. the Holy Spirit leading me, guiding me, teaching me
568. Lorena, a sweet high school girl I spend my Saturday mornings with
569. peace, assurance, calmness from the Holy Spirit through prayer
570. my cello teacher [ her!]
571. the change that God makes in people's lives through the ministries at church
572. encouragement from others as I take a fun, exciting, [slightly] scary step in a new direction for my shop
573. homemade food and friends to share it with
574. vegetables from the garden
575. fresh flowers


Friday, August 5, 2011

Do you remember in this post how I talked about risk?  I am NOT a risk taker.

However, to start fulfilling my dream, I need to take a risk.

At the beginning of the all-new Cotton+Wood, I explained a bit about the name change from My Bright Corner [blog] and Yellow Hope [shop] to Cotton+Wood.

To give you a nutshell version, I live in a creative desert.  There are no cute fabric or paper shops in my town or the surrounding towns, save the big box retail stores.  [Boo!]

So to get my name and idea out, I opened up Cotton+Wood online first.

Cotton = fabric
Wood = paper

I knew I wanted to sell fabric first.  Since I took this week off work, I had the time to make my first order.  It was a bit nerve-wracking.  I had to narrow down my choices to a "measly" 13-14 bolts.  Then of course all the What if.... questions popped into my brain.

All this to say...

I canNOT wait to show you the fabric I picked out.

I canNOT wait to sell the fabric in the shop.

I canNOT wait to make bags out of the fabric that will arrive shortly.

How's that for end of the week news?!!!!  Boom!


Monday, August 1, 2011


This video almost moves me to tears.

Life can be a matter of perspective. That's why I try to be thankful for the small things and look for beauty in the unpredictable places.

I've lost my rhythm a bit this summer due to busy-ness alone.

This is my lovely today.

I need to be reminded.

In other news:

--It's my lovely Mom's birthday today. Another year!
--Dad and Mom left on a mini vacation today to one of their favorite spots. They haven't been to Kennebunkport in a while so I know they'll enjoy their stay.
--I have [rather, I took] the week off work.
--Major, major risk taking is occurring this afternoon.  News on the blog soon!

Happy MONDAY!!