Thursday, March 24, 2011


And if I was saying this in real life, I'd be all big and bold about it, ya know?!!

[arms in the air, triumphantly saying ta-DA!!]

Yellow Hope has been my little Etsy business for a while now.  I love Yellow Hope.  I really do; it went through some changes [from Yellow Hope Cards to Yellow Hope].  But we're buds.

Several months ago, I had a total AHA moment.  There is a fantastic corner in our town.
[bad picture but you get the idea]

It's at the corner of Broadway and Calumet.  Big time traffic, people, for our little town.  And the corner store there is empty.  I would love to put a little shop there and sell designer fabric and paper.  We have no fabric store here except for Jo-Ann's, Walmart, and one place in Valpo that sells fabric that I'm not interested in.  As far as scrapbook paper, we have Michael's 15 minutes one way and Hobby Lobby 15 minutes the other way.  Basically, this could be described as a creative DESERT.

Along with the AHA moment came the name of my dream brick and mortar store.

Cotton+Wood.  Fabric + Paper.  Sweet.

One of the sessions in the Indie Biz Course that I'm taking covers branding.  Going into Indie Biz, I was convinced Yellow Hope was the way to go.  But as I read through this particular session, I realized that something had to change.  I really, really did not want to use Cotton+Wood.  It's special.  It's the name for my dream brick and mortar.

But ultimately, I decided to totally re-brand and go with Cotton+Wood.

There has been so much agony going into this.  I've chatted on gmail with an online friend, several "real life" friends, my brother, my parents, etc...I've checked usernames and .com's galore.

The very talented, uber patient, and super sweet Heather from Blessed Little Nest is the brains behind the whole redesign.  I about pulled my hair out on Sunday night; she probably wondered what she had gotten herself into, haha!! Not really, but she is putting a TON of work into this baby.

Also, I will be opening a new shop on Big Cartel.  The only reason I am switching to Big Cartel is because I could not find a suitable name on Etsy.  My Yellow Hope shop will still stay open for business.

Happiness, folks....pure happiness....


Erika said...

Rebecca-- are you actually going to set up a BRICK and MORTAR store? That is like the COOLEST thing ever. Please please keep me (and everyone else) updated on this blog! I want to hear all about it!!

blessings! :)

Karen said...

what a great location!!! I've been in retail/gift/candy business before. I am so excited for you! You seem to have a very bubbly outgoing personality via blog. Just wondering what will happen or what has happened to the nanny position? I will follow you along the way & encourage! Remember, one thing (when you post those store hours on the door-make sure you fulfill the promise) this is my first word of advice. Blessings Rebecca,

content2be said...

I know that spot! In regards to fabric shops, is the quilt shop still open in the Subway plaza on Indian Boundary? I would go in there and dream of the day that I would have to finish a quilt. :)