Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love flowers!

My new favorite magazine is Country Living.  Does anyone else read it? 

I love it!!  It is not patchwork-quilt-type country, at all.  It pretty much is the style that I love. 

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the April edition. 

Raise your hand if you've been to Target and seen the Liberty of London line. 



Some of the items in the pictures above are from that line.
{Click on the pictures to enlarge.}

And the Liberty of London store is right around the corner from the hotel we're staying at this summer.
We'll only be there for one night but I smell a detour!

I had to get a post up but I have a more promising one for tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Monday, April 19, 2010

endless gifts {260-275}

holy experience

260. Christ went all the way to the cross for me
261. conviction
262. hymns
263. an email from a friend
264. my single friends
265. provision every.single.week
266. white buds on trees
267. beautiful blue skies
268. spring
269. the story of Esther in the Bible and the reminder to have courage
270. a good, wholesome, clean movie {surely, hard to find these days}
271. anticipation of Preaching Conference next week
272. open roads and time alone on Sunday mornings while driving
273. freshly plowed fields
274. breaking of the fallow ground of my heart
275. helping others