Monday, January 11, 2010

endless gifts {196-210}

holy experience

196. work
197. provision
198. really warm boots
199. fun kids who ride our bus to church {I mean, HILARIOUSLY, FUN to be with.}
200. excellent, appropriate message in church last night
201. interesting, exciting, challenging lesson in Sunday school yesterday {plus, it will be continued over the next several weeks!}
202. getting to stay home all day
203. Mom giving me tips as I start my quilt
204. my cute, little, sweet Granny
205. sweet note from my Oma
206. waking up with a smile and actually being WIDE awake - yes, this did happen!  :)
207. coffee that was pre-set, already brewed, ready when I wake up
208. fudge coffee - can I hear a YUM?!
209. little candles in the windows sending out a warm glow
210. anticipation of my cello lesson tomorrow - yay - it's been forever!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

endless gifts {177-195}

holy experience

177. grace
178. conviction
179. salvation
180. prayer
181. a new year
182. new beginnings
183. my hilarious family
184. answered prayer
185. yummy food
186. useful, needed gifts
187. an encouraging note
188. free photo editing
189. gorgeous, sparkly snow
190. laid-back days
191. Christmas memories stored away for another year
192. another cute, adorable, sweet, funny cousin added to our family {yay, Janelle!}
193. chattin' with my cousin {yay, Sara Joy!}
194. an awesome Sunday school lesson that I heard
195. a convicting sermon I heard the other day on my ipod