Monday, January 11, 2010

endless gifts {196-210}

holy experience

196. work
197. provision
198. really warm boots
199. fun kids who ride our bus to church {I mean, HILARIOUSLY, FUN to be with.}
200. excellent, appropriate message in church last night
201. interesting, exciting, challenging lesson in Sunday school yesterday {plus, it will be continued over the next several weeks!}
202. getting to stay home all day
203. Mom giving me tips as I start my quilt
204. my cute, little, sweet Granny
205. sweet note from my Oma
206. waking up with a smile and actually being WIDE awake - yes, this did happen!  :)
207. coffee that was pre-set, already brewed, ready when I wake up
208. fudge coffee - can I hear a YUM?!
209. little candles in the windows sending out a warm glow
210. anticipation of my cello lesson tomorrow - yay - it's been forever!!


Jenny said...

Good luck on your quilt! The creative process of putting together a quilt top is so much fun!

Noelle O'Brien said...

YUM!!! Coffee fudge sounds great. Never had it, but it sounds amazing anyways, as it would to any coffee lover. =)