Monday, January 31, 2011

endless gifts {441-450}

441. lovely winter days with sunshine [what a treat]
442. birds the middle of winter [definitely a gift from God]
443. yummy, yummy food
444. a bit of spring in the middle of winter for $3 in the form of two little potted primroses. Lovely.
445. safety and protection
446. another sewing class
447. the ability to sew
448. the joy and fun of sewing [definitely a blessing after my catastrophic failure as a student in 8th grade Home Ec.  It was tragic, just ask my Home Ec teacher.]
449. a Sunday school lesson that I needed again [I wasn't really feeling the love for the ministry yesterday]
450. the Sunday evening service at church [so amazing how I perk up and am not tired for the evening service after a long morning working in ministries]

Happy Monday...

Friday, January 28, 2011

::maybe you've seen this maybe you haven't::

I'm a fan of Sweden and many things Swedish since our visit there last summer. I saw these videos on a blog and thought I'd share. I know I've seen them before but they are fun to watch. Enjoy!

favorite part in this one is the lady doing a scale up the stairs...too bad they didn't play the entire scale!

Until next week, folks...

Monday, January 24, 2011

endless gifts {431-440}

431. discounted fabric

432. a [big] refund

433. an extra-long day of work

434. the people I work for [seriously, a big heart here]

435. Sunday school lesson

436. living by faith and not by rules [thank goodness!]

437. my cello teacher + laughs + our chats

438. a new book to read

439. Master's Club [program for kids at our church for the mid-week service]

440. Sunday morning drives [balm to my soul]

Happy new week, friends...

Monday, January 17, 2011

endless gifts {421-430}

421. the wideness of God's mercy
422. the depth of His forgiveness [over and over and over again] [and over and over and over again]
423. the Word of God to continually guide and strengthen
424. good, old-fashioned music that draws me nearer to Christ
425. the growth of new Christians
426. the gift of service to God
427. my health
428. bright sun, white snow, and blue skies
429. Sunday morning drives [I wish I had time to photograph the things I see but alas....I am on a tight time schedule.]
430. a new week with new mercies and a clean slate [!!]

Happy Monday, friends...

Monday, January 10, 2011

::three in one::

Here goes three blog posts wrapped into one.

First of all.....Scripture memorization. How goes it? Just o....k....! I basically have the first two sections of eight verses memorized [what is each section called....I missed most of the Sunday school lessons on Psalm 119]. While I am not as far along in my mega memory month goal as I would like, I am memorizing and that is a good thing.

Secondly...I made my third pillow tonight.  I whipped it out like nothin' doin'.  haha!!  It feels so good to sew.  Now that I'm getting the hang of using my machine, I feel like simple pillow covers are too blah and boring.  I need to spice them up a bit.  Yay for progress!  I'm also looking into taking a second class over at my favorite sewing and fabric store.  Can. Not. Wait. thankful list.

411. plenty of time this week to work
412. snow, snow, snow
413. laughter, homemade soup, and conversation around the dinner table with the family
414. a check in the mail for unused things sold on Ebay through a local store
415. green lights when I am in a hurry [never under-estimate them]
416. Oma is feeling better [one round of chemo down, five more to go]
417. my Momma [love her]
418. an email from a missionary friend [halfway across the world in Zambia]
419. a lower estimate and the price being approved to get the bumper fixed [I never blogged about my fender bender, did I??]
420. psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs

Happy Monday, friends...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

::I was a winner::

A while ago, I was a winner over on Caroline's blog. I think I've won one other giveaway in my lifetime so I was ecstatic that I had won something!

Incredibly enough, one of the shops that gifted me was from a new blog/twitter/etsy pal. How cool is that?

So here is a shoutout to Savannah over at MaieDae!

The bobby pins are suuuuuuuuuper cute. I've stuck them in my hair a few times. They are going to look fantastic this spring when I wear my yellow spring jacket. I can't wait!!

::they came cutely packaged::

::up close and personal::

::with a sweet card::

Have a happy day,

Monday, January 3, 2011

::endless gifts {402-410}::

402. yummy food

403. pretty flowers

404. friends 
405. Scrabble
406. a big group of people staying to ring in the New Year [they stayed till midnight]
407. a great party that we're still talking about
408. lots of laughter
409. paper whites from a friend

410. another year to give back to the Lord

Happy Monday, friends...