Monday, December 21, 2009

endless gifts {166-176}

holy experience

166. snow
167. my parents
168. Christmas cards from friends ::thanks, Jen::
169. an old friend texting me out of the blue
170. another old friend calling me out of the blue
171. provision for my needs
172. prompting of the Holy Spirit
173. ability to serve HIM
174. being illness-free
175. my sweet, little, Southern Granny that lives up here with us
176. warm scarves

Monday, December 14, 2009

my endless gifts {156-165}

holy experience

156. a friend who tells me what I need {not necessarily want} to hear
157. "accidentally" getting the oil changed a week early resulted in preventing a problem that would have caused a break-down
158. provision every.single.week.!!
159. learning more about Christ
160. once again, another opportunity to share a past experience/trial to encourage another
161. Christmas caroling
162. Christmas music
163. the Hallelujah Chorus
164. a good talk with my grandma
165. cousins!!