Monday, October 26, 2009

...I just want to thank You, Lord!

holy experience

88. an absolutely perfect October day
89. the smell of specialty hot dogs cooking - yum!
90. Geoff calling from Africa
91. safety
92. Mom's good test results
93. using past experiences to encourage someone else
94. not having a storybook life {disclaimer: I don't think anyone has a storybook life; but sometimes we get sidetracked by the fact that things don't go our way...and it's important to see God's hand in everything!}
95. ability to work
96. cool, clear water

Monday, October 19, 2009

a grateful heart!

holy experience

76. an email from my brother {while he's in Africa}
77. good talk with a great friend
78. good advice from Dad & Mom
79. knowing that God loves me
80. sunshine
81. beautiful, fall colors
82. morning quiet...only the gentle sounds of an antique clock ticking and the hum of the dryer
83. huge smile because of the magnificent fall colors
84. courage to hand out a tract
85. glimpses of His glory
86. an encouraging word from Mom
87. grace to respond correctly even though I'm hurt

Monday, October 5, 2009

may I never cease to be grateful!

holy experience

67. being overwhelmed by the Gospel

68. laughing with my Mom

69. having a bird chirping outside early Sunday morning

70. this online radio

71. waking up singing a song

72. my brother

73. a good Sunday

74. an awesome sermon on Sunday night

75. salvations and baptisms at church