Monday, March 29, 2010

endless gifts {248-259}

holy experience

248. my Ipod
     {I love listening to sermons and music while I clean.  Here's something funny that happened on Friday:  I didn't think anyone was in the house and while listening to a sermon, the preacher climaxed with "The darker the night, the brighter the light."  And so I said "Amen!"  Right then, I turned around and saw the granddaughter of the lady I was cleaning for leaving a bedroom.  Oh well, I got a good laugh!}
249. being taught
250. good thoughts from Dad during family devos
251. my cousin and his wife calling me for my birthday--totally made my day!!
252. flowers
253. my "single" friends
254. Christ AROSE!
255. being convicted by the Holy Spirit
256. coloring pictures for me from my bus kids
257. birthdays
258.the Living Word of God
259. encouraging people

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just can't wait!

I can't wait until "Multitude Monday."

Things that made me happy today:

*tonight's Master's Club lesson...given by one of my workers--it was so wonderful and challenging!
*sitting around talking with my family after church
*hearing about my Dad's work--so interesting!
*online Christian radio from a Baptist church {I've got it on right now!}
*playing. my. cello. {mmmmmm................good!}
*scrapbook paper
*laughing, laughing, laughing
*chocolate milk
*a new Internet browser {am I the last sensible person in the US of A to get Firefox?}
*my HOPE is in the LORD, not in our socialist government!

Monday, March 22, 2010

endless gifts {226-247}

holy experience

226. abundant work
227. being blessed to put my Scripture memory cards into others' hands
228. warm weather
229. snowdrops
230. spotting the first robin of the season
231. yummy Easter candy
232. funny things pre-schoolers say in Jr. church
233. working in Jr. church
234. laughter of friends in the night air
235. my family {Dad}
236. my family {Mom}
237. my family {Geoff}
238. music!!!!!!
239. playing in the church orchestra
240. the ready forgiveness of my cello teacher for missing two weeks in a row of lessons {boo...I hate missing them so much.}
241. playing the cello instead of the flute and enjoying it!
242. lessons that I teach in Master's Club that convict me
243. Sunday school
244. marvelous grace
245. the Holy Spirit's conviction on the same things even though I fail over and over
246. an email and a letter from college friends
247. a yummy Sunday afternoon nap

Friday, March 19, 2010

look! look!

This cello store is right around the corner from a hotel we're staying at this summer!

I think I'll pack some music.

My parents captured this pic from a {moving} cab in London.  Pretty good, huh?!

Monday, March 15, 2010

endless gifts {211-225}

holy experience

211. the promise of spring
212. LAUGHING a lot with my brother
213. yummy food
214. music that encourages
215. music that challenges
216. being taught by the Holy Spirit
217. grace
218. being an encouragement to others
219. cute things kids say
220. cute flowers on clothes
221. learning about prayer
222. the promise of answered prayer
223. green lights when I'm in a hurry
224. a good Sunday morning
225. provision

**Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my gratitude journal. This is my 20th Multitude Monday post. Yay!**