Friday, March 19, 2010

look! look!

This cello store is right around the corner from a hotel we're staying at this summer!

I think I'll pack some music.

My parents captured this pic from a {moving} cab in London.  Pretty good, huh?!


Katie said...

Guivier is a good cello Luthier!! At least, if I remember correctly, he is. When I was in Czech I saw a violin shop but they weren't open yet :(

So, why are you going to London this summer? That's awesome!

Katie- from IDD

My Bright Corner said...

I am going on a cruise with my family. We fly out of Dover so we'll be in London for one night before we fly out.

I am looking to buy a new cello IN THE FUTURE so I'm sure I'll drool over these cellos!

My Bright Corner said...

And, Katie...thanks for telling me that Guivier is a good Luthier. Anything string-related is still so new to me even though I've been playing for two years. My cello teacher has suggested a few cello companies in the U.S., too.

PS...How did the chocolate exchange go this year? Hopefully you got your chocolate on time compared to last year. :/