Thursday, May 31, 2012

::summer porch::

Have you ever used old coffee as fertilizer for your plants? I am so convinced there is a secret in that pot of coffee.  I have been watering this hibiscus plant with coffee for the past week or so [along with water, of course] and the blooms today are just stunning.

I have never seen our hibiscus plant bloom so much!  What a treat.

We did something a bit different on our back porch this year.  We always have a pot [or pots] of herbs for summertime cooking.  This year while rummaging through our shed, I discovered an old metal plant hanger.  I thought it might be put to good use to hold our herbs instead of those pots taking up precious space on the deck of the porch.

 So far, so good.  The herbs aren't too overgrown out of their pots and haven't dried out, either.

::basil::cilantro::Italian oregano::oregano::


I'm excited to see how we like our new arrangement by the end of this summer. 

Did you do anything different in your garden or plantings this year?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

::just a little poem::

After remodeling our office, my Mom and I sorted through dozens of books. One book that almost met its fate as a resale shop dweller caught my eye.

It is an old book full of little [mostly corny] poems.  But I like old things, so we saved the book.

Here is a little poem I thought I'd share today.

The only blessedness a person deserves
Is someone to cherish and a place to serve.
The only happiness one ever discovers
Is seeking each day the happiness of others.
The only fulfillment is Christlike living
And bearing the cross of total self-giving.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Are your peonies blooming?  Ours are and it is such a delight to enjoy them.  I wish they lasted all summer.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Psalm 81:10...Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it.

I like to picture this verse as an illustration of baby birds with their mouths wide open just waiting for food.

My pastor preaches a sermon from this text and it is one of my favorites.  I remember the last time he preached that sermon thinking that I needed to pray big prayers.  Big, specific prayers.  Big, specific, bold prayers.

But now that I look back, I think maybe a simple believing that God's Word is true is opening your mouth wide. 

Maybe it's praying Psalm 84:11, "...No good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."  Along with that prayer is a determination to follow God and choose the right way no matter what. 

Maybe it's praying Psalm 143:8, "...Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk."  This takes faith to pray when there's no visible solution in sight.

Or maybe it's praying Psalm 138:8, "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me..."  Knowing that though you cannot see God's hand, you trust He is leading you through the dark night.

Maybe for some it's the big, bold, specific prayers.

But maybe, just maybe, it's the simple trusting and willpower to hold on in the night season.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012



hello Aunt Becca and Hazel

hello sweet Carol and Rebecca

Hello precious wide-eyed baby

Hazel took her longest car ride yesterday and she was so much fun.  Lots and lots of smiles from her.  And TODAY, her sweet Aunt Amy is here to visit. So I promised Aunt Amy that she can have all my cuddles with Hazel plus her own.  :)

Five Guys for dinner tonight with friends.  Hurry up, supper time!


Monday, May 14, 2012

::endless gifts 676-685::

676. the missions work in Belize
677.  wonderful church service on Sunday night
678.  precious Hazel
679.  beautiful weather
680.  God going before us
681.  friends who share their excitement with me
682.  new seasons of life
683.  the flexibility of my job[s]
684.  the Holy Spirit's working in my life
685.  answered prayer

Happy Monday, everyone!  It is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous weather.  I'm finally bringing out my flip-flops!  This week promises to be filled with some great times and I'm looking forward to it.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

::a few of my favorites::

I really should get back to the regular programming here.

I've had some sweet little things pop up into my life lately and I thought I'd share a few favorites here.

 ::For my birthday, the kids I nanny painted this sweet mug for me at a pottery shop.::
::It came filled with $50 in Starbucks cards.::
::Hello, best boss ever.::

 ::this skirt from Talbots::exaggerated awwwwwesome::

 ::this little girl lights up our lives::
::and she's getting a personality::
::and she's starting to recognize Aunt Becca::I'm finally getting a smile and head bobs out of her::

::international phone calls from this man::

I think I'm going to save the story of me and Leon for another date and time.  And for now, the way you'll learn about him is by me randomly dropping hints.  So in the last two posts, you've learned his name [Leon], that he's a dairy farmer, and that I receive international calls from him.  [I wonder where?? :)]

::my Nook Color::
::I love, love, love, love, love it.::

So, how's that for a list?!!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love for your Mother.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

::Is it possible to laugh too much::

Last Monday, Adam and Carol, Leon and I, and Geoff went to visit the Fair Oaks dairy farm.  This was of interest to Leon because he is a dairy farmer.  It was a rainy, wet day -- the perfect kind to visit a farm.  Well, actually, we only got wet walking to and from the buildings.  A bus even drove us through one of the barns -- that is how big the farm is.  [!!!!]

[I love this picture because Carol is laughing -- just a reminder about what a funnnnnny day it was.]

One of the most interesting things was watching a cow being born.  Yah.  Interesting.  After the calves are born, they are separated from their mamas within hours and put in sweet little pens where the visitors can oooh and aaah over their cute fluffiness.

The most interesting part for me was the milking barn.  There is a huuuuuge turntable where the cows are trained to enter and exit three times a day to be milked.  I think it holds up to 75 cows.  It was quite the production.

They had delicious milkshakes, ice cream, and cheese for purchase. I've never been to this farm south of us but glad we had the opportunity to go.  I definitely learned a whole lot and most importantly, it was a fantastic day spent with friends + memories made.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012