Tuesday, May 22, 2012

::just a little poem::

After remodeling our office, my Mom and I sorted through dozens of books. One book that almost met its fate as a resale shop dweller caught my eye.

It is an old book full of little [mostly corny] poems.  But I like old things, so we saved the book.

Here is a little poem I thought I'd share today.

The only blessedness a person deserves
Is someone to cherish and a place to serve.
The only happiness one ever discovers
Is seeking each day the happiness of others.
The only fulfillment is Christlike living
And bearing the cross of total self-giving.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Are your peonies blooming?  Ours are and it is such a delight to enjoy them.  I wish they lasted all summer.


1 comment:

ERICA said...

That is a very good poem! Isn't it neat how the Lord just lets you run across some things like that? Thank you for sharing! :)