Thursday, May 31, 2012

::summer porch::

Have you ever used old coffee as fertilizer for your plants? I am so convinced there is a secret in that pot of coffee.  I have been watering this hibiscus plant with coffee for the past week or so [along with water, of course] and the blooms today are just stunning.

I have never seen our hibiscus plant bloom so much!  What a treat.

We did something a bit different on our back porch this year.  We always have a pot [or pots] of herbs for summertime cooking.  This year while rummaging through our shed, I discovered an old metal plant hanger.  I thought it might be put to good use to hold our herbs instead of those pots taking up precious space on the deck of the porch.

 So far, so good.  The herbs aren't too overgrown out of their pots and haven't dried out, either.

::basil::cilantro::Italian oregano::oregano::


I'm excited to see how we like our new arrangement by the end of this summer. 

Did you do anything different in your garden or plantings this year?



Sarah Covey said...

That's so neat, I actually just heard about using coffee as a fertilizer this morning!! Hope everything's going well for you!! It was fun doing Master's Club with you :)

~Sarah C

Kari said...

I never heard of using coffee as fertilizer. I most certainly will try it out. Love your herb garden. Mine didn't turn out so well! I also have a hibiscus that I actually planted in my yard last summer. I think it actually likes being in the yard rather than in a pot. Thanks for the info on the coffee!!