Monday, May 14, 2012

::endless gifts 676-685::

676. the missions work in Belize
677.  wonderful church service on Sunday night
678.  precious Hazel
679.  beautiful weather
680.  God going before us
681.  friends who share their excitement with me
682.  new seasons of life
683.  the flexibility of my job[s]
684.  the Holy Spirit's working in my life
685.  answered prayer

Happy Monday, everyone!  It is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous weather.  I'm finally bringing out my flip-flops!  This week promises to be filled with some great times and I'm looking forward to it.


1 comment:

Heather said...

Great list, Rebecca. Yay for beautiful weather! How awesome to be able to step into a pair of flip-flops and fly out the door.
Thanks for your comment, and yes, I love my single girls!!! You bring so much zest to life. Also praying for you because there are difficult times, aren't there? God bless you abundantly, Rebecca, in your daily life.

Love, Heather