Thursday, January 8, 2015

|| ba-ba-boots ||

I can think of ONE fashion reason to move to Africa:  Hunter Boots.  

I desperately wanted a pair back home but could not think of one justifiable reason.  As soon as that ring was on my finger, there was a reason to own a pair!

Now, we have had mild rainy seasons lately so they haven't been tried and proven very much.  My brother-in-law says typically the pattern is four good rainy seasons, three not-so-stellar rainy seasons.  This is our third ho-hum rainy season.  

However, it has been rainy lately.  Today, I walked to the office at the dairy in my everyday sandals and couldn't believe all of the mud.  "All of the mud" when you're wearing flip-flops is really not THAT MUCH mud if you're wearing any other type of decent shoe. :D

Today, I had an excuse to wear my boots. 

So if you need a legitimate excuse to buy a pair of these beloved boots, come visit us next rainy season!!