Monday, October 2, 2017

|| typing ||

(completely unrelated picture to the post)

For a while, I've been praying and looking around for an online job that I could do from here that pays in dollars.  For whatever reason, I never really found any solid leads.  Then, while on holiday, thought I'd do another google search.  I came upon a company that does transcription.  Now, this particular company is entry level.  I'm definitely not going to make millions.  In fact, I joke that each week, I make enough to buy a cup of coffee on holiday - haha!!

BUT.  It is a start into a field of work.  My long term goal is to take an online transcription course that I have found and then branch out into marketing my skills independently rather than working for a company.

Since, I spend a lot of my "work time"waiting for files to come through, I did another google search the other day and found yet another transcription company.  Now this company's entry test was considerably more difficult than the first company I applied for.  So, I'm hoping (and praying) that I get this second transcription job with (hopefully) better files.  This second company has a stricter quality code for its typists and also offers support on the files you type.  This first company I'm currently with, basically sends me files with no feedback on how I perform.  

I like the transcription, though.  It's not easy.  Lots of files are distorted, plenty of background noise,  etc..But, in my advantage, I feel like I have a wide knowledge base of accents.  :)  So, that helps.  And because I'm a nerd, it's strangely addicting.

As a work at home mommy, I've figured out time slots for myself to work.  After Jules naps in the morning, the kids go outside to play for an hour.  Then, one to two hours (if I'm lucky - like today!)  in the afternoon; then an hour after I put the kids to bed.  So really, I'm not doing tons and tons of work but every little bit is a super help.  Since there's not a continual stream of files coming through for me to type, I typically have my farm bookkeeping or Sunday school things to keep myself busy while I wait.  

If you're interested in something like this, here's my typist referral link.  :) 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

|| my girl ||

Oh, my precious, precious, spirited girl.  So much like your mother, bless your little heart. Friday afternoon, you put this (too big right now) dress on and said proudly, "I wear a pretty dress like you momma." That nearly broke my heart in two. (So convicting!!)  Even when you were not even two years old, you insisted on wearing a jean jacket so you could match momma.  You want to bake like momma.  Crack eggs (in the office) like momma.  Help clean the house (high five, that's my girl!).  

And your momma, precious girl, is just a sinner saved by grace.  Plodding through her faults and failures one day at a time!!  But because I have little blue eyes looking right up at me every single day, I beg God for His redeeming grace to pour through me so that I might be a picture of a gracious woman to you.  It's hard work.  But so worth it.  Being a mommy is sanctification and I praise God for the opportunity to grow in my Christian life because of you and your brother.  

Today, I made you sit and fold your hands (just so I could gather my thoughts) after you had been tearing apart your foam mattress to make a "desen island", aka a desert island.  (who knew?!!)  You obeyed so nicely and sat patiently.  Then when I praised you for obeying you said, "That made Jesus happy!" Why YES IT DID!!  

Your Papa and I are so proud of you.  We love you so much.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

|| unexpected ||

One week ago tonight, we found out the Leon's uncle unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack.  And he wasn't saved.  The memorial service on Friday was quite large and poignant.  He was a well-loved man and leaves a big hole in his community.  

I've always known it was special that all of my family members had accepted the Lord as their Saviour.  I knew it was special; I'd never deny that.  But it has become a more truer reality once Uncle Mike died.  I think I've cried more over his passing than any other family member's.  The reality of where he is now is so heavy.  I know it was his choice to reject the Lord.  But oh.  How painful.  

It's made my salvation sweeter.  It's made my family's salvation sweeter.  And I fall to sleep at night begging God for the souls of my children, my nephews, and family friends here in Zambia who have yet to make this decision for Christ.

Hug your older family members just a little tighter next time you see them.  And pray.  Pray for those you know who are unsaved.  We sang "So Little Time"in Sunday school this morning (which reduced me to tears).  But as we were singing I thought, you know...if someone rejects the Gospel, there's nothing we can do about that.  But I guarantee, I'll never stand before the Lord and say I prayed hard enough and long enough for their soul.  That is the one thing I can do.  I can pray and beg God for their soul.  And that's what I'm going to do.  As sad as this past week has been, it's put a fresh determination and a brighter vision for my prayer life.