Sunday, September 17, 2017

|| unexpected ||

One week ago tonight, we found out the Leon's uncle unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack.  And he wasn't saved.  The memorial service on Friday was quite large and poignant.  He was a well-loved man and leaves a big hole in his community.  

I've always known it was special that all of my family members had accepted the Lord as their Saviour.  I knew it was special; I'd never deny that.  But it has become a more truer reality once Uncle Mike died.  I think I've cried more over his passing than any other family member's.  The reality of where he is now is so heavy.  I know it was his choice to reject the Lord.  But oh.  How painful.  

It's made my salvation sweeter.  It's made my family's salvation sweeter.  And I fall to sleep at night begging God for the souls of my children, my nephews, and family friends here in Zambia who have yet to make this decision for Christ.

Hug your older family members just a little tighter next time you see them.  And pray.  Pray for those you know who are unsaved.  We sang "So Little Time"in Sunday school this morning (which reduced me to tears).  But as we were singing I thought, you know...if someone rejects the Gospel, there's nothing we can do about that.  But I guarantee, I'll never stand before the Lord and say I prayed hard enough and long enough for their soul.  That is the one thing I can do.  I can pray and beg God for their soul.  And that's what I'm going to do.  As sad as this past week has been, it's put a fresh determination and a brighter vision for my prayer life.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

|| observations ||

about the only "American" picture I have on my computer

Our time in the States far surpassed our expectations, per usual.  My #1 highlight was being with family.  What a treasured time!

I wrote down a few observations that made me laugh.

1) So many people wear FitBits!!  I don't notice things on people usually.  But that did get my attention.  
2) What is the hype about cold brew coffee??? Is it that good?  Simply a trend? It was everywhere.  And not just iced coffee but cold brew(ed) coffee.  I didn't try it but if it really is that good, I'll look into it and try some here.  Tell me what I should know!!
3) It is so easy to make and/or save money!!!  Right towards the end of our trip, I noticed the outside of the Huggies box said "download our app".  So I did.  Aaaaand all along, I could have been racking up points towards a free gift card for all those diapers I bought while I was in the States!!  Wow!  Wondering if I could somehow convince our store here to convert my receipt to dollars and I could still earn....haha - probably not.

Then on the reverse...coming back home:

1) I was glad when I pulled into the gas station for the first time back home.  (sigh) Full service here (aaaaaah!!) :)
2) My sister-in-law lives on a very busy main street in the capitol city.  The first morning back, a marching band went parading down the road.  All kinds of fuzzy feelings went through me - what a cute, little welcome home; nice, upbeat music, etc...Until at the very end of the very peppy little band, there was a car blaring African music.  (sigh)
2) We did a scavenger hunt the other night with friends and family.  One of the items was a K5 fuel slip.  Forgot that we don't pay by credit card here.  We also don't get a receipt here when paying cash for fuel unless we ask.  Then, there's no such thing as only filling up with K5.  So we filled up with K25 and still got a receipt for K5. Whew.
3) My maids. Aaaaaaaaaaaahh.  Welcome home.  Sounds spoiled but ya know, one MUST take full advantage of the very FEW advantages we have here.  I missed my girls and they missed me.  Got a hug from all of them. Aww!
4) We are back to terrible internet. (eye roll)

And yes, it is good to be home.  For the first time on a holiday, I didn't "miss" home, per se.  But I knew I'd be absolutely fine once I arrived on the farm.  And I was.  It's really good to be home.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

|| so far ||

Well, I survived The Trip Over Alone.  I've lived to tell the tale.  14 hours is quite a long time with an almost 11 month old in a plane.  Liesl did good as she was mesmerized by movies for her entire wake time.  I also broke down and bought airport toys for the sake of sanity (or something like that...).  

Observations so far:

:: Being from Z, I smile and nod at just about everyone.  In Dubai, I had the urge to strike up a conversation with the taxi driver and, seriously, She wasn't interested.

:: Toys are SO cheap.  An $80 toy in Z is $15 here....the exact same toy.  That's really blown my mind.

:: On the contrary, it seems as if food is more expensive here.

:: One morning, it started to rain and my first instinct was "get ready for the power to go out...water boiled, bottles ready, laundry done".  It was just a one second instinct but I chuckled to myself.

:: Laundry!  What a dream to throw in 2 or 3 loads a day!!  I'm loving it.  Maid or no maid, it's fun to do laundry here...other than the ironing.

:: How in the world do mothers do their thang here?  How do you get your groceries in the house without your kids falling down the stairs?  How do you get out of the house without a maid??  Do your kids sit in high chairs all day?? 😂  In the house, I'm okay but trying to get any-wheeeeeere is a serious challenge.  I'm used to pulling up. Beep! (once and politely, mind you) Out comes the maid.  We all carry in something and then the maid finishes up.  Then, while I unpack the groceries and put things away in the cupboards, the maid takes the kids outside to play.  How do you all surviiiiiiiiiiiiiiive??? 

::  I knew this was coming and it's already here.  I get paranoid about everything when I'm in the States.  I don't want the kids to play in the grass because it's been fertilized.  They can't chew on the rocks or the sticks because fertilizer might have touched them.  I panic about Lyme disease. 😐 I'm not so germophobic this time around but there's a fair share of things that I'm on high alert about.  Whereas back home, the kids eat dirt; pet the animals; chew on sticks; etc; etc...

:: And oh the shopping.  Oh the shopping.  Oh the shopping.  I almost got shaky today in Marshall's there were just gobs of beautiful things.  But, I'm almost shopped out at this point which is a good thing. 

So we are well and loving being at Omie and Opa's.  Friday is a big day as that's when Leon arrives.  And then Monday is a great day as that's when we see cousins (!!) and aunties and uncles and great Grandma.  So lots of smiles and happiness the next few days.

Looking forward to sharing more!