Monday, September 27, 2010

endless gifts {346-355}

I start this Monday tired.  But it's already promising to be a wonderful day.  The sunshine is streaming in through the window onto my hands as I type.  Heart.

My weekend was overwhelmingly wonderful.  Our church celebrated its 40th anniversary with the same pastor all 40 years.  Incredible.  That seems rarer and rarer {excuse the grammar} to come by.  One of the bummer things about being a helper in a Junior Church class is that I miss out on the morning services during our special fall Sundays.  I miss feeling the presence of God so real in that auditorium.  So much prayer goes into each week and God's presence is clearly evident.  I miss peeking during the invitation to see sinners walk the aisle.  I miss hearing our pastor say, "We need more counselors on my left.  We need more lady counselors on my right."  It's easy to want to be where all the "fun" is but I reminded myself as I stood in front of my darling little Preschoolers that my job is important, too.  Even tucked away upstairs in a little classroom that was freezing cold {thank you for air conditioning}.  None of the children in my class will accept Christ as their personal Saviour while in Preschool but we try oh-so-hard to lay a foundation for the future.

So with a brimming heart, I will give thanks today.

holy experience

346. cottage prayer meetings
347. improved behavior in some of my little Preschoolers
348. impish smiles
349. answers to the questions are Jesus! {And He's just the same, as His lovely name...}
350. a calm class despite our teacher being pulled away {the presence of God is evidenced even in our Preschool class}
351. How Great Thou Art -- the congregation was able to sing along with the choir & band on the last verse -- amazing!
352. 40 years of our church's history
353. being here for 27 of those years
354. our pastor and his wife
355. souls saved and following the Lord in believer's baptism that same day

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 24, 2010

::something new::

I'm working on jazzing up some of the designs of my cards.  
I love rectangles...but you know....only so much.  
Here is the first, new set.  
I love it!

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