Saturday, May 12, 2012

::a few of my favorites::

I really should get back to the regular programming here.

I've had some sweet little things pop up into my life lately and I thought I'd share a few favorites here.

 ::For my birthday, the kids I nanny painted this sweet mug for me at a pottery shop.::
::It came filled with $50 in Starbucks cards.::
::Hello, best boss ever.::

 ::this skirt from Talbots::exaggerated awwwwwesome::

 ::this little girl lights up our lives::
::and she's getting a personality::
::and she's starting to recognize Aunt Becca::I'm finally getting a smile and head bobs out of her::

::international phone calls from this man::

I think I'm going to save the story of me and Leon for another date and time.  And for now, the way you'll learn about him is by me randomly dropping hints.  So in the last two posts, you've learned his name [Leon], that he's a dairy farmer, and that I receive international calls from him.  [I wonder where?? :)]

::my Nook Color::
::I love, love, love, love, love it.::

So, how's that for a list?!!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love for your Mother.


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Dear Abbi said...

I'm going to guess he's a Canadian dairy farmer. Which doesn't entirely make sense, or maybe it does in a "God has a sense of humor" kind of way, because I always thought your heart was in the South. :)