Monday, March 15, 2010

endless gifts {211-225}

holy experience

211. the promise of spring
212. LAUGHING a lot with my brother
213. yummy food
214. music that encourages
215. music that challenges
216. being taught by the Holy Spirit
217. grace
218. being an encouragement to others
219. cute things kids say
220. cute flowers on clothes
221. learning about prayer
222. the promise of answered prayer
223. green lights when I'm in a hurry
224. a good Sunday morning
225. provision

**Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my gratitude journal. This is my 20th Multitude Monday post. Yay!**


Trisha said...

I especially like the "laughing a lot with my brother." That's how I want my daughters to be with their brothers! Love the quote, too, by Corrie Ten Boom. That will have to go in my Commonplace Book.

Annesta said...

Music is indeed an encouragement.
Lovely list.
Glad to visit with you on your blog.

Pick Me Up Papers said...

Great blog! I just found it today.