Monday, October 26, 2009

...I just want to thank You, Lord!

holy experience

88. an absolutely perfect October day
89. the smell of specialty hot dogs cooking - yum!
90. Geoff calling from Africa
91. safety
92. Mom's good test results
93. using past experiences to encourage someone else
94. not having a storybook life {disclaimer: I don't think anyone has a storybook life; but sometimes we get sidetracked by the fact that things don't go our way...and it's important to see God's hand in everything!}
95. ability to work
96. cool, clear water


Linda said...

You have a beautiful thankful heart! Your list blesses!

lindsay said...

Found your blog through Holy Experience... nice to see someone else blogging who is a single twentysomething too!

Enjoyed your list.

P31 Mom said...

Often we make things such as a "storybook life" our idol. I think you are very wise for learning to thank God for this. Thank you for reminding me of this:)