Monday, November 2, 2009

...continuing to count my endless gifts

holy experience

97. sunshine after not having it for days

98. no debt

99. gas that is still under $3 per gallon

100. lovely-smelling candle burning

101. remembering God's Word {fruit from my memorization cards...yippee!}

102. smell of fabric softener on clean clothes

103. courage to make the right choice

104. my five sense: touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste

105. {almost} making it within my weekly cash budget - my new experiment

106. my awesome family

107. making my Dad laugh {post on that later} {before you think I am implying that my Dad never laughs, let me explain. I was talking about my wedding day - if I ever get one - and a comment I said literally made my Dad....really....laugh. It was hilario!!}

108. compliment from a kid {let me explain: I was bringing a little boy and his sister to church on Sunday and I had a DD coffee in the cupholder. They thought I had bought donuts, too, but I told them...nope, just coffee!! He said {so cutely}, "Miss Becca, if you had donuts, I know you would share them with us." My reply, "Of course, I would, Cody." His reply, "You would be a good mom." Awwwww.....melt!! :)

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Linda said...

Joy just bubbles out of your sweet list. I'm so glad to meet you and to share in your list of blessings.