Monday, November 9, 2009

counting my endless gifts {109-118)

holy experience

109. a few days off work

110. fun with friends

111. a warm weekend

112. {once again} cello lessons...this week she took me 15 minutes over my lesson!

113. getting to help with the youth conference at church {even though it's just a little bit}

114. my favorite kids who ride the bus were able to come Sunday...they've been sporadic throughout the fall because of football

115. my brother is home from Africa

116. friendliness and comradeship between single girls

117. finding a Renaissance outfit at 75% off

118. being able to fix the outfit without sewing or buying anything extra
{So this is typical solution when I want to fix something is to throw $$ at the problem. I had to buy a cape to go over the Renaissance dress and the cape seemed too long and black and the dress needed a sash. I had planned to run to the fabric store and pick up a few things which ='s money. This morning, my Mom and I cut off the desired amount of fabric which made the cape not so long; it didn't need to be hemmed because of the type of material. The extra material will be used for a sash. Thus, reinforcing what I'm trying to improve on....frugality.}


Tyne said...

Cello lessons? How very cool, and well worth the heart of thanks! Love the picture, btw that you did with the photo editing software. Thanks for coming by.

lindsay said...

glad your brother made it home safely as well! Sounds like you had a lovely week--lots to be thankful for!