Monday, November 16, 2009

counting my endless gifts {119-126}

holy experience

119. finding extra contacts that I thought I had misplaced
120. straight corners of a cornfield
{This may seem funny but think about it...God has created everything with order, nothing is abstract. I don't think Christians should appreciate abstract art. I was driving out in the country this week and noticed this particular cornfield and the rows were so straight. It struck me as beautiful.}
121. being able to help buy a food basket for our church's food fundraiser
{This is one of the reasons I was so blessed on Friday.  Anytime you're down & out, do something for someone else.  I guarantee your attitude will change.  I wasn't down & out on Friday but I had so much fun purchasing a basket for the teen's food fundraiser this week.  It was an absolute blast!}
122. God's provision
123. deals and coupons on necessities
124. awesome opportunities
125. God always takes care of me!
{The less money I make, the more I see God provide.  The more I give up, the more He provides.  Every.single.time.!  Awesome!}
126. correction and conviction from the Word of God


Kristy said...

Great list..
My husband can easily relate to that contact lense dilema!
Straight rows of a corn field - sounds beautiful!

Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Love the List! Are we all having contact lens problems this week/ day?? LOL...

Happy Gratitude Scribblings!

lindsay said...

I too LOVE finding things I think I've misplaced.

I'm still looking for a lovely mug that a friend gave me... where in the world would a mug have gone to? Even my roommate doesn't know... :)

Linda said...

I do love your beautiful blog!!
You list is wonderful too. God is always, always faithful.