Monday, March 7, 2011

endless gifts {491-495}

[It's been almost a whole week since I blogged last?!! Ack! Back to normal this week, hopefully. Also, as I was reviewing my week, I didn't remember as many things for my gratefulness list. That is bad. Did I not let my soul breathe this week?]

491. on Friday, a break from my crazy busy-ness
492. the Indie biz course I'm taking -- I'm learning so much!!
493. grace clearly evident
494. being able to actually follow along with the words of the hymns as I play my cello -- this is a first since I switched from playing the flute to playing the cello in the orchestra at church almost three years ago
495.Sunday night sermons -- over and over again, I am blessed, challenged, and strengthened

Happy Monday, folks....

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