Friday, March 11, 2011

::hear ye::

Towards the end of 2010, I sponsored a few blogs and also participated in a some giveaways to increase exposure to my shop.  One of the lovely people that I met through those experiences was Laura from Along for the Ride.  She won a giveaway for two sets of my cards.  Score!

Lately, she has been such a blessing to me.  She contacted me a bit ago because she wanted to feature my shop for f-r-e-e.  I wanted to send her another set of cards since she was being so kind. [People, she has a pretty blog and a pretty, big blog -- 1,000+ followers!!]  She returned the favor and asked if there was anything that I would like from her shop.

Each time I enter one of her giveaways throughout blog-land, I always say I love her mum earrings.  'Tis true.  They are lovely!  They are candy for the ears.

Last week, I received my package and I could not wait to tell you about Laura.

On Tuesday, I had a burning question.  I needed an opinion from someone outside my family about something shop related.  Guess what?  She answered my plea for help and we chatted on gmail for a few minutes.  She is that nice.

Last night, I wore my red mum earrings with my black dress.  Remember this post where I talked about finding a modest, black dress online?  It is from Mika Rose.  I snagged a red belt to go with the red earrings.

--here is the dress on me--

--here is the photo from the Mika Rose website; you can see more of the details of the dress in this photo--

--a close up picture of the red mum earrings--

Oh, and Laura also included a free hair pin which will be great to wear this spring and summer.

So if you are looking for a new pair of earrings, a new necklace, or hair pins for yourself OR if you are looking for a gift for someone, check out Laura's shop.  She will not disappoint!!

It's Friday!!


Dear Abbi said...

You AND your earrings are cute! And I love that dress...I will definitely check out that site...too cute!

Maggie said...

VERY cute! Love the red and black combo :o)

Kali said...

When I was in Idaho, Mikarose was having a special event at Costco. I bought that exact dress...unfortunately I ended up returning it because it didn't fit well. By the time I got a size to fit my lower half, it was too big up top. :( I was so disappointed, because I love that dress. Anyways, looks great...and I love those earrings.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the earrings and the dress! you look beautiful!!

and go GA dawgs!!! sorry, can't help it. ;)