Thursday, March 17, 2011

::with a boom and a snap::

And just like that *snap* winter is gone. [I think.] I guess it could still snow but no one is hoping.

The bulletin boards in my Master's Club classroom needed to be changed stat!

There are some really positive things about being out of college.  One of them is the fact that you can break bulletin board rules left and right and no one notices.  For instance.  The same white background has been up since December.  [hello, frugal timesaver!]  There are pin hole pokes everywhere. [just don't look to closely]

Another positive thing about being done with college is using visuals from that time period.  I made these two gumball machines while student teaching and I'm still using them now.  [hooray!]  I put each of the girls' names on a gumball and there is a sticker for each award they have received.  Short and sweet.

And this board, I love it but there is something missing.  I think I need a big bright sun shining at the top of the board.  We will see if I change anything.

I also used a board similar to this while student teaching.  It was May.  I was exhausted and needed a bulletin board.  Lambs with cotton balls = no lamination needed.  So if you have 30 minutes to sit and pull cotton balls apart to fluff up a little lamb, it's not too difficult of a board to do.

I did have fun putting these two boards together.  And I have one more fun thing planned for the classroom but I most likely won't have time to make it until next week.  So, you'll have to wait until then!  :)

Happy spring! It officially arrives on Sunday!


Kali said...

Those are really cute!

ERICA said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the comment!
I love seeing things from other bus routes also. I just like to see what the Lord is doing with children that we can't reach from where we're at physically.
And I have to say, those bulletin board decorations are adorable! And very unique! I'd like to do something like that if I were to teach Sunday school someday...Lord willing!!
Thanks again! ;)
In Christ,
Erica Simpson

Maggie said...

Those turned out really cute! Sounds like they were pretty easy to do too! That is always a huge plus!