Monday, August 29, 2011


I am a very visual person.  I like to see things.  Bookmarking websites and ideas has worked okay for me.  I also star a lot of blog posts in my Google Reader.  However, lists of websites becomes overwhelming to me and I find I do not use the ideas saved.

Pinterest is a fantastic website.  I've had boards there for a while but I actually have to make time to pin things to boards.  I'm definitely not a fanatic pinner and I do not spend hours and hours pinning.

Recently, I have been cleaning out the starred blog posts from my Google Reader that have accumulated over the summer.

Here is a sampling:

It's fun to see my "style" develop through different pictures I pin.

Obviously, I have a board for fabrics that I love.

I even started a board for different articles I read that would be helpful in running a blog and indie biz.

And my favorite board is.....all the interesting things I want to make/sew/organize from around the blog world are all culminated here:

So, if you would like an invite to Pinterest, please let me know!! I'd love to send you one.



Cove Girl said...

I like to collect ideas like this too. Do you ever use StumbleUpon? I enjoy it. Alyssa's bro recommended it to me.

Kali said...

I love Pinterest!

Ingrid @ said...

i lovely love pinterest. it's just so good!
hope you're enjoying your summer.
looks like you've had such such a busy and great summer

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Carolyn...Yes, I've heard of Stumble Upon but don't have an account.

content2be said...

Hey Becca, would you mind sending me an invite? I've gone back and forth about it (another time waster?) but I think I'd like to try it! Thanks for the sweet comment...would love to re-connect IRL again!