Friday, August 12, 2011

::a day with myself::

..that could also read, "A Date with Myself." [cheesy, but true.]

So, YES, I had the day to myself.  Starting last night after church until later this evening, my plans were my own.

Ooooooooh, the plans I had made.

They included but were not limited to:

[1] sleeping in ----- >> pathetic when "sleeping in" is sleeping until 7:15 but yes, I did.
[2] watering flowers ----- >> my middle name is "watering can" in the summer....I tease but serious, big <3 there
[3] blog post and listing some important things in the shop ----- >> CHECK IT!
[4] finished my first wristlet ----- >> first one I've made since my class in June; more wristlets in the shop SOON!

[5] cleaning the house ----- >> always makes me a happy girl to scrub a few floors
[6] finding this in my mailbox, compliments of a giveaway I won ----- >> go visit her shop

[7] a free burger for dinner ----- >> that was possibly undercooked but very delicious
[8] of my favorite movies ----- >> gotta love high school football

.I. .am. .ready. for the weekend.
Bring it.  :)

[sorry for the pathetic photos -- not even Picnik could help me tonight.]


Kali said...

The wristlet turned out great! So cute!

I'm glad you had such a great day to yourself! Those are much needed sometimes!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Thanks, girl. You on Skype? I'm up toooooooooooo late catching up on things. :)

Lauren Nicole said...

Days like that are always so much fun! :)

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Seriously, Lauren. They're the best.

danielle @ take heart said...

sounds lovely!