Monday, August 22, 2011

endless gifts {576-585}

Unless we are intentional about giving God glory throughout the day, our days unintentionally give way to grumbling. --Ann Voskamp

And I must admit, I've succumbed to grumbling lately.  Even "nice" grumbling [off-hand comments about situations]...but it eats away at the soul. I need to be more intentional, more grateful.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  The Lord continually blessed me with beauty and opened my eyes to see it.

576. a picture perfect Sunday
577. blue, blue sky with white puffy clouds
578. beautiful pink flowers woven into the edges of a cornfield [never seen this before and it caught my eye]
579. Sunday afternoon drive alllllllllllll the way home by myself -- time to reflect and praise God
580. heart-warming, encouraging music ---mmmmmmm!
581. a simple comment that was an encouragement
582. diverse friends -- all personality types, all Christians with a heartfelt desire to honor and obey the Lord
583. my online friends -- you know who you are :) -- promises of prayer for each other and encouragement with lots of laughter [via Skype] thrown in for good measure!
584. hymns and spiritual songs in the church service
585. the tender lovingkindness of my Heavenly Father towards me -- He loves me and He sure does know how to encourage me at just the right moment.  Isn't that so like Him?!!

HAPPY MONDAY, almost Tuesday.


danielle @ take heart said...

i love that you are making the list. i did it too, in my notebook :) thank you for your congrats on our sweet babes!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Such a great list!! I always love those simple comments that the giver doesn't even realize make all the difference in the day!
& that quote is so great. I caught myself this morning grumbling about how my throat has been so sore. I had to stop because it's just a sore throat! I felt to small at that time, but I'm glad that the Lord will remind me how blessed I truly am when I start all my griping and complaining!!

What an encouraging post!!

-Many Smiles & Happy Tuesday!!

Kali said...

What a great quote! I too have been recently reminded that I need to be more conscious of not complaining. I don't want to be known as a complainer! [Philippians 2:13 - Do ALL thing without murmurings and disputings.] Thanks for sharing!

Yay! for online friends!!

Jolene said...

Love your grateful heart! We could ALL learn to do better in this area, that's for sure!

Beautiful post.