Sunday, August 7, 2011

endless gifts {561-575}'s been a while since I've posted a Multitude Monday.  [deep breath....Here it goes.]

561. my family [duh -- they're awesome]
562. my friends [duh-- they're hilarious and just plain fun to be around]
563. learning life's lessons the hard way
564. flowers, flowers, flowers and the opportunity to help out at my church
565. ministries at my church
566. anticipation [!!!!!!]
567. the Holy Spirit leading me, guiding me, teaching me
568. Lorena, a sweet high school girl I spend my Saturday mornings with
569. peace, assurance, calmness from the Holy Spirit through prayer
570. my cello teacher [ her!]
571. the change that God makes in people's lives through the ministries at church
572. encouragement from others as I take a fun, exciting, [slightly] scary step in a new direction for my shop
573. homemade food and friends to share it with
574. vegetables from the garden
575. fresh flowers


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Lauren Nicole said...

I love #571 and 575 :)