Monday, August 24, 2009


holy experience

33. new website that made me smile
34. green lights when I'm in a hurry
35. a healthy eye exam report
36. free samples of contact solution
37. safety while traveling
38. safety from the tornado
39. safety while I stayed home by myself without electricity
40. a new job
41. mom and dad are home!


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Your joy is INFECTIOUS!
Isn't God good in a million, countless ways?
Thank you for letting us praise with you!
(And I'm glad you are safe too!)
Blessings in your new job!

All's grace,

My Bright Corner said...

awwww....a comment from the originator of "multitude monday"...thank you!!!

Deborah Ann said...

It's so refreshing to find a blog like this with a young person faithfully following God.


(I have a feeling we might be neighbors? Lakeshore...Great America...Midwest. Sounds like home!

My Bright Corner said...

Hi Deborah Ann, I'm in Indiana!