Sunday, April 3, 2011

endless gifts {519-525}

519. our welcoming church [I saw one of our members pat the seat next to him as an usher walked a visitor down the aisle right before the service started.  Love my church!!]
520. singing from the heart [bud, our church can sing!]
521. Sunday school lesson again [Jesus, Jesus, what a Friend for sinners!!]
522. amazing grace for Sunday
523. the Pre-schoolers in my class and their answers to the questions [so cute when it's on the tip of their tongue!]
524. the patience of the teacher who I work under in my Pre-school class [love working under her!]
525. the two workers I work with in the Pre-school class [love working with them!!]

Sunday was amazing.  I cannot get through this day with my own strength. Out the door at 7:30 and home at 2:30 with lots of ministering in between leaves me exhausted.  I cry and beg for grace and endurance on Saturday night and the Lord so abundantly blessed me this particular weekend.

Happy Monday, friends...


Alyssa H said...

I LOVE Sundays! They are crazily busy for me as well. Today it was: Go to Sunday school, then regular church service, then a ministry we have for visitors where we do a meal, then nursing home, then choir practice, then evening service. WHEW! But it was SUCH a blessing! Today was just amazing!

ERICA said...

I love Sundays also! There are really busy for me with the bus route in the morning, then Sunday School, choir practice, then more practice [depending on if we're singing a special or not], then the service starts, and after the service we're all rushing to get the kids on the bus and make sure we're not leaving anybody! So they're always really busy but I love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! :)
I just think that is hilarious! Of course I don't mind...I'm actually kinda honored :D
But thanks for the "comment!" And we definitely did have a good day on the bus! I hope y'all did as well! And I just love that.."Friends of Like-Minded Faith!"
Well anyway, I hope you have a great day! :)