Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I remember a story in my reading book from early grade school about a little girl who tried to carry sunshine.  From what I can remember of the story line, the little girl's bedroom received the morning sun but her grandma's room did not.

So, in an effort to cheer her grandma up, she tried to carry the sunshine in her skirt to her grandma.  Alas, when she arrived and opened up her skirt to spread the sunshine, it was gone!!  Isn't it funny how little stories stick in your mind from years ago?

I think one reason I remember this story is because my brothers' bedrooms on the front of the house get gorgeous morning light.  But my bedroom receives the cheerful afternoon sun.  And I love it!

In the winter, the angle of the sun falls directly on my bed.  Sunday afternoon naps....mmmmmmm!

It is sunshining here today so beautifully.  I bought some flowers at a florist I have been intending to visit for some time. The flowers I bought look extra cheerful with the afternoon sunshine streaming in.

Am I in a cheerful  mood because of the sunshine?  Or is it because I got off work early today?  Or maybe it's because my fabric order came in today.  Hmmm...maybe all of the above.

Happy Tuesday!


Alyssa H said...

It's been SO sunny here too! (A nice change from all the rain) It's definitely put a song in my heart. Funny how sunshine will do that.

Jenni said...

Absolutely love the flowers Becca!! I love Gerbera Daisies. Good choice on your flower combo!!!

Ingrid @ thesunnyside.me said...

what beautiful blooms....
hope all is going well with you this week