Wednesday, April 6, 2011

::t-shirt shopping::


Last night, I was shopping in Target for a few spring/summer shirts. If you remember, my day job title is babysitter/nanny. So, my typical day-to-day look is casual but definitely not run-down and sloppy. I love dressing up but I have to be willing to get down on the floor to play board games, etc. And pretty soon, I'll have to "play" outside with the kids. My favorite look to wear to work [and the most flexible] is a denim or khaki skirt with a cute tshirt. Appliqued and screen print tshirts seem to be the rage and there are so many cute ones out there! However, I have a hard time finding ones that are cute and modest.

I was a bit discouraged in my search last night and I finally thought, "Etsy!!" Check there!

So this is a perfect opportunity to link up to Krystina's What I Love Wednesday!
::I love this pretty color and lotus flower::shop here::

::definitely a fun graphic::shop here::

::I am half German and this would be fun to have::shop here::

::a little dressy for work but would be nice to have for dinner out with the family::shop here::

::and last but not least, this is from a shop in France, obviously; it is beautiful::shop here::
 [sigh, I cannot help but be stricken by beautiful things in Europe.]

Happy Wednesday, all!


Jolene said...

Your blog is so, so pretty, Rebecca! Thumbs up to your designer! Just ask her if you can add an option for subscribing, so I can receive your posts into my inbox. I would love it. :)

Also, thanks for the HONOR of being on your lists of friends you would like to know. You really made my day! I would love to meet you someday too!


Ellen Grant said...

Cool new blog =) Love the bag from your last post. I'll definitely be checking out your ETSY soon--I love handmade stuff (that I can't make!! ha!)
I'll have to add you to my blog list so I can keep up.

Maggie said...

I love the not-so-plain t-shirts too! T-shirts are SO comfy, so why not throw in a little femininity or fun print on it to make it even better!!

Kali said...

I too have been enjoying the t-shirts that have 'extra' something. :)

Megan said...

love all of these especially the "es ist alles gut" shirt!
i must by it because i am a quarter german!!
love my german heritage!

thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself on my blog!

love your blog!

happy thursday!