Wednesday, April 20, 2011

::new product::Sweet 'n Simple::

My first tote bag is listed in the shop.  I love it!!

It has interfacing sewn in to give it a bit of sturdiness.  The weight and feel of it is perfect if you need a simple tote bag.

Also, it would make an excellent gift!!

::look at that lining!!::

::magnetic snap closure::

 ::sweet depth at the bottom of the bag::

Happy Thursday!

I hope to have my first DIY [simple] organization board done by tomorrow.  Hopefully, we'll see it in action by the weekend!

Take care!


Kali said...

Love it!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Thank you, Kali!

Alyssa H said...

That is super cute! One of these days I WILL order one! You know...when I'm not saving up to go to Thailand. LOL

Elise said...

That bag is do pretty!! That lining is a nice surprise, too!!

Megan said...

so cute! great job!

Maggie said...

Once again, love it! I like the choice of fabric on the inside especially!

Brittney said...

Wow that is awesome!! I love it! Very classy. :)

Heather said...

Oh, those pillows in the shop are so cute too!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Thanks, Heather. :)