Thursday, October 20, 2011

::31 days::day seventeen::

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I finally, finally donated blood.  People, it’s been ages.  I was passionate about donating blood back in the day due to the fact that my Mom was a recipient of so many blood transfusions.

Then, I graduated to donating at the Univ. of Chicago when my Mom would go to doctor’s visits there.  Hello, free dining hall coupons.

My last visit was no bueno.  The lady couldn’t get the needle in my arm.  And that was that.

So, when coming up with a list of things I wanted to get accomplished this month, donating blood was right up there.

Let me tell you why so many in my generation don’t want to donate blood.  Plain and flat out, it’s an inconvenience.

From start to finish, I was there an hour and a half and trust me, a needle poking into a blood vessel for at least 30 of those 90 minutes is an inconvenience.

Young people really need to make the time to donate, especially if they live clean, upright lives.  Good, healthy blood is needed!

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