Saturday, October 1, 2011

::31 days::day one::

So, it's here! My favorite month of October, along with the 31 Days series.  I'm super nervous about this goal.  I've already been working on my list along with coming up with a multitude of ideas to keep me very busy this month!

My 31 days series is designed to get me out of the rut and challenge me!  We all need a challenge at some point, yes?!

I have a whole list of ideas of things that I have been putting off to do -- goals for my shop, as well as personal goals. 

I'm excited to see what will get accomplished in the month of October.

The first thing I've gotten done for my challenge is two new song visuals for my children's ministry at church.  We always need new songs!  And kids [and adults alike] looooooooove to sing!

I can't wait to use these tomorrow!


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