Thursday, September 20, 2012

::ohmyword, the FOOOOOOD::

So, a question I've gotten a lot...[picture the person with a slight questioning look, head tilted slightly to the side, maybe a nice grimace...] So how was the food?

My response:  Ohmywordthefoodissoooogooooood.  <<<--------- said that fast.

How in the world can you beat vegetables picked straight from the garden that day, every day of the year?!!  Fresh, antibiotic, hormone-free meat.  No preservatives.  Just lots and lots of butter + cream + milk + salt. 

One afternoon, Carol and I went to the garden and picked fresh strawberries.  Then, meandered over to the lemon tree.  Yes, I said, lemon tree and casually picked a few lemons.  We then proceeded to make strawberry lemonade to accompany our dinner...or rather, our dinner was accompanying the strawberry lemonade.  If this were Twitter, the hashtag would be #sufferingfortheministryinAfrica.

On The Farm, my favorite meals were:  beef stroganoff, chicken curry, macaroni and cheese, roast lamb, roast beef, roast chicken, meat balls [mini meatloaves] .  See?!!  Like I said #sufferinginAfrica  I have no words to describe the meals I just listed.  And they were all accompanied by some sort of delicious rice/potatoes/nshima and gravy and creamy vegetables [creamed spinach was my favorite!!!!!!!!!]

At The Fig, my favorite things to eat were: meat pies [very similar to pot pies], samoosas [those from FH, they are similar to Mrs. Gentry's triangular egg rolls], chicken salad, a traditional English breakfast, milkshakes.

Basically, I need to exercise every day or I will gain weight.  The food is that good.

You should come visit someday and taste it for yourself.  :)



Maggie said...

Ooooh, this all sounds delicious! I don't really know what I imagined the food to be like, but sounds wonderful!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...


Racheleah Methum said...

Samoosas! Had those in Kenya, delish.

Any traditional English Tripe? (a dessert)

What was the Nshima like? In Kenya, one of the meal staples was Ugali (sp)(very thick cream of wheat like) and Sakuma (sp) a kale dish (Yum:)

So fun to be hearing about someone else's experience in Africa. :)

Maggie said...

I would absolutely LOVE too!!