Friday, September 14, 2012

::a sunrise and a new look::

I could list several [ahem, so many] favorite moments from my trip to Zambia. But morning, Bianca took me with on her morning run.

Oh my goodness.  The sun!!! rising over the fields of wheat/grain/whatever!!!! magical!!!!  glorious!!!! I wish I had my camera!!!!  I couldn't stop talking about it all day.

Just as I was falling to sleep Thursday night of this week, Bianca had embarked on her Friday morning run.  Two buzzes on the cell phone means either BBM [ie...Bianca or Natasha] or text message [Leon].  So I grab my phone and Bianca had sent me the picture above.  The morning sunrise!!!!!! on her run!!!!!!

So, when I go back to Zambia in December, BIANCA, PLEASE TAKE ME RUNNING AGAIN and I promise to bring my camera and take some good photos to share here.

In other news....DO YOU LIKE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN?!!!!  Because I really, really do.

Up there and to the right...the links are to...
#1 Etsy
#2 the story -- Cotton+Wood -- the new tagline -- me and Leon -- the whole she-bang!!!
#3 Pinterest
#4 the Big Cartel shop which will be moving to Zambia with me in 2013 and debuting at The Fig

Happy weekend, all.


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