Saturday, September 1, 2012

::and I'm back::


Hello, everyone! I'm back from Zambia. 

Wow.  What a trip.  It was great, amazing, wonderful, awesome, life-changing (!!!!!!---no, I'm not engaged), fun, happy, and any other adjective you'd like to throw into the mix.

Leon and I were able to spend lots of time together.  Highlights include:::::::meeting his family (loved them, helloooooooo family that is reading this), meeting the church family, going to Livingstone, family dinners on the weekends, and lunches at The Fig.

I'll try to post a bit more over the next few weeks and start to share the story of how we met.

Yes, it's amazing.  And, yes, this relationship can only be attributed to the fact that God has orchestrated the entire thing.

Happy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

I for one, can't wait to read all about it. :-)

ERICA said...

I second that Mrs. Laurie!! I'm glad you had a great time Rebecca...I've been praying for you! And I wanted to tell you something CRAZY! [Okay..maybe not crazy but really, really cool!!] We had a missionary family with us about 2 weeks ago and you'll never guess where they were headed...Zambia, Africa!! I was like, "I know somebody in Zambia right now!!" So I just thought that was amazingly cool and crazy all at the same time! And another cool thing about it is they grew up right here in my home town and I never even knew them until the Lord brought it all together in HIS timing! He really is awesome!! :D

Racheleah Methum said...

Glad your back! Missed your posts.

Would love to see some of your Africa pictures too if you have any.

Can't wait to hear more = )

Maggie said...

What a sweet picture of you and Leon! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!! :)

Nicole said...

this makes me really reeeeaaaally happy!