Saturday, September 29, 2012

::junior church game::

I thought I'd share a game I'm making for the kids at church tomorrow.  I frequently feel that I run out of ideas so when the creative urge strikes, I try to run with it.  Maybe some of the games I post here will be help + blessing to someone else.

I love the dot-to-dot game so here is my version!

Simply take a blank piece of poster board and plaster it with Post-It an orderly fashion, of course.  :)

I used three different prizes this week and alternated them between all of the squares.
But, here's the kicker.  I'm using these pumpkin manipulatives for a twist.  The kids will choose a pumpkin and on the back is a number.  That's the number of lines they get to draw.  And there's even a few "4" pumpkins which means that kid is an instant winner!

So that's my game for tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a tremendously fantastic Sunday!


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