Tuesday, October 2, 2012

::living without worry::

[doesn't this pool look positively tranquil?!]

Recently, I've discovered the works of J.R. Miller.  But honestly, I shouldn't say "recently" because I was required to read one of his books for a college class.  But discovering the wealth of a good writer is always more of a treasure when it's not required reading.

I downloaded two of his books to my Nook for $.99 each.  I know!!  A great deal.

Today, I've been working through Living Without Worry.

 The lesson [living without worry] is well worth learning, at whatever cost.  To live nobly, energetically, up to one's best, and yet without worry, is one of the highest attainments possible.  It is the ideal life.  It is the life whose vision of beauty is pictured for us in the peace which our Lord promises his people, the peace that passes all understanding that keeps the heart and mind in Christ Jesus - the perfect peace that comes to him whose mind is stayed on God.

This week has been great.  I took the day off work on Monday and spent time with my Mom.  And tomorrow, we are going to squeeze in an "emergency" [i.e. have-to-return-something and catch a sale] shopping trip before work.

Also, the month of October is going to fly by.  Even though I'm not restricted by school, my life very  much revolves around the school calendar because I'm an after-school sitter.  There are all sorts of extra hours at work pecked into my phone's calendar which makes me happy. Busy weeks = a quick month

So that's what's happening on the home front. Anything new with you?


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