Saturday, October 20, 2012

::an encouraging thought::

[precious faces....Mercy, Hazel, and Teija]

Several years ago, a pastor's wife spoke at our church's Mother-Daughter banquet.  As part of her talk, she gave the most helpful poem that coincided with her theme.

I've often had bits and pieces of it in my mind.  Last week, I finally made an effort to find the poem and jot it down for posterity's sake.

Here it is and I hope you enjoy it.  

Three men were walking on a wall,
Feeling, Faith, and Fact.
When Feeling took an awful fall and Faith was taken back.
So close was Faith to Feeling that he stumbled and fell, too.
But Fact remained and pulled Faith up, with Faith came Feeling, too.



Sharon said...

Really good reminder for all the time, it seems. ;-) Thanks, Becca!

Susan said...

Once again, something I needed! LOL Our former pastor said something similar quite often.

Nina said...

That's a great poem! Encouraging and so true :) Thanks, Rebecca!