Saturday, October 27, 2012


Do you notice amongst all the burnt and brown the beautiful yellow flowers?  
Sometimes, that's life...looking for the beauty amongst the barrenness.]

 This week!!! has been good.

>>>My Mom and I finished the first cake course.  And we were like "We made that??? Why yes, we made that!!!!"  Imperfect.  But, they do resemble roses, do they not?!  :)

>>>This status update on Facebook.  Oh yes. Let's do it again family! Let's do it again! [with Mom Staal and Natasha, too -- oh and Andy + Anton, too]

So yes, it was a good week.

The next few weeks in a blur >> working late, working late again + Election Day, Empowered Youth, spending time with Oma and Opa along with Thanksgiving, then pack for my next trip to Zambia.  So pretty much, hello December.  :)


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Susan said...

Your cake looks great! My daughter and I took that course several years ago. She was good at it. Me . . . not so much. It was good times together, though!

Our summer was like your fall is going to be - just a blur!