Thursday, October 18, 2012


My Mom and I have been taking a cake decorating class together.  Monday is the last session of the 4-part series.  

Honestly, I was so excited about this week's class.  I had my cupcakes all made.  The frosting was tinted before I set foot in class (!!!!).  I was early and set up my work station.  blah blah blah.....Aaaaaaand, the frosting was too thin and basically, the night was a complete flop.

So to redeem myself and try to salvage a bit of the time thrown away by Monday night's class, I made cupcakes for my Master's Club class tonight.  

The frosting was made according to class instructions, not pre-packaged frosting.  [In our defense, the teacher said we could use it <<< I know. Big waste of time.]

And I could actually form leaf-and-rosette-resembling sugary concoctions.  These were by no means perfect but what fun it was to make a big mess and actually see results.  :)

Maggie and Kali are having their own version of cupcake wars.  Do any of you enjoy cake decorating?



Tiana Marie said...

My Mom and I took a cake decorating class together when I was in junior high! We had the best time and we have done a few cakes/cupcakes since then. The only problem is I absolutely hate butter cream frosting which is generally what one uses for such things. Aaaand as Im sure you know, you cant possibly decorate any sort of baked good without getting frosting all over your hands. Then of course you have to lick it off...see my problem? Well Im glad your trying it out! Have fun!

Kali said...

I've always wanted to take a decorating class! Your cupcakes look great!

Dear Abbi said...

I love making baked goods look pretty. :) Your cupcakes are so cute!